Vanguard vs. Blackrock Funds:  Is One Better Than the Other?

If you’re an owner of an exchange-traded fund (ETF) or index fund, chances are they are from either Vanguard or Blackrock.

This post will take an in-depth look at Vanguard vs. Blackrock funds to share the pros and cons of each company. 


Vanguard was established in 1975 by Jack Bogle, who believed that a mutual fund company should not have outside owners.  


Blackrock may not be as well known as Vanguard, but the company has more assets under management with more than $9.5 trillion.  

Most Popular Vanguard vs. Blackrock Fund

We’ll dig deeper to understand any similarities and differences between their most popular funds.  

S&P 500 ETFs: VOO vs. IVV

On the surface, these funds are nearly identical, though there are subtle differences between the two. 

Total Stock Market ETFs: VTI vs. ITOT

Purchasing either of these ETFs will give you some ownership in a tiny sliver of the entire stock market.  

Emerging Market ETFs: VWO vs. EEM

VWO and EEM tend to include stocks from nations growing and becoming more engaged in the global economy.  

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