Want to Know How to Find Cheap Flights? Read On!

As airlines teeter on the edge of collapse, terrified passengers continue to avoid travel altogether.

The next slides will go over some strategies on how to find these  fantastic airfares, as well as discuss tactics on how you can avoid  paying a sizable portion of your plane ticket.

Momondo is one of the best online tools in finding cheap airfare out  there. This search engine sifts through the entire web and ensures that  no stone is left unturned.


Even though it sometimes skips some lesser-known OTAs from its searches, Skyscanner still provides a fantastic jumping-off point when searching for incredible deals.


This powerful search engine allows for tons of customization, including  pricing, flexible dates, and the ability to enter multiple airport codes  or entire region.

Google Flights

It is possible to subscribe to travel websites that devote their every  waking hour scavenging for cheap flights and mistake fares online.

Mistake Fares

Flying during holidays, special events, and long weekends will be incredibly pricier than flying all other times.

Know When to Not Fly

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