Texas Claims Top Spot For America’s Wealthiest Suburb


Have you ever wanted to feel ashamed that you don’t make enough money? Well, today’s your lucky day — you’re about to learn about the 12 wealthiest suburbs in the United States.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with where you currently live – but let’s be honest, it doesn’t hurt to dream a little, does it?

However, if you want to move into the country’s most prosperous city, be warned: the average home value is over one million dollars.

Southlake, Texas

Thanks to Silicon Valley’s upward trajectory for the last 30 years, Los Altos is the crown jewel of the San Francisco Bay area.

Los Altos, California

University Park, Texas

According to Zillow, a typical home in University Park costs nearly $1.8 million!

Across from the Potomac River outside of Washington, D.C., McLean is a sleepy Virginia town known for its public school system.

McLean, Virginia

New England residents are proud to see Westport, Connecticut, make this list, although the city is closer to New York City than Boston! In fact, Westport is an ideal town for city commuters to live in because it is only 52 miles outside of the Big Apple.

Westport, Connecticut

Many Boston-area residents believe Wellesley to be the crown jewel of Massachusetts, and for a good reason: it’s a breathtakingly-beautiful city home to three colleges.

Wellesley, Massachusetts

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