What Is Real Estate Commission?

If you are in the market to sell your home, a good real estate agent is an invaluable asset.

Agents help their clients navigate the market, and in return for their time and expertise, they charge commission fees.

But what exactly is covered in agent commission fees?

And what can homeowners expect to receive in exchange for these costs?

Read on to gain a full understanding of what real estate commission is, how much it costs, who pays for it, and alternative routes sellers  can take.

What Is the Average Real Estate Commission?

According to a nationwide agent survey by Clever Real Estate, the national average is 5.45% of a home’s final sale price.

Typically, it is the seller’s responsibility to pay real estate commission fees.

Who Pays Real Estate Commission Fees?

A good agent will make the selling process much smoother and should have a large network of potential buyers.

What Do Real Estate Commission Fees Cover?

Yes, you can negotiate commission fees, although, they are not required to oblige your request.

Can I Negotiate Real Estate Commission Fees?

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