What You Need To Know About a Sinking Fund

Sinking funds can be a game changer for individuals and households. It is a valuable tool to add to your financial toolbox for savings.

Setting up a sinking fund is easy to do and enhances your ability to save money for large purchases you will make in the future.

Before setting up your sinking fund, you should a good grasp of your household’s budget.

Review Your Budget

Please make a list of sinking fund categories, break them down into more specific items.

List Your Planned Purchases

If you are comfortable with credit cards, there are lots of them that offer free sign up bonuses.

Where Your Savings Will Go For Purchases

Whatever you decide to do, each sinking fund should be in an FDIC-insured savings account that is readily accessible.

Need FDIC-insured Account

When you have a good understanding of your budget, your fixed living costs, it is easier to plan for discretionary spending.

Benefits of A Sinking Fund - Better Budgeting

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