Why You Should Take Your PTO Instead of Cashing It In

They want a healthier work-life balance that includes more paid time off and are willing to change jobs to get paid sick days and more vacation time.

People are increasingly paying more attention to how their jobs affect their health.

As a result, companies have been re-evaluating their PTO and vacation policies.

While some are offering more, roughly half of the workers in America don’t use all of their time off.

Not taking time off of work is a problem. It can lead to a toxic workplace.

You’ve worked hard to earn your PTO, and it’s time you start using it! It’s good for you, your health, and  your career.

What is Paid Time Off (PTO)?

Paid time off refers to planned time away from your job where you still  receive pay.

Because no law requires it, minimum wage, part-time, freelance, and contract jobs might not have any paid time off benefits.

Each company’s offers may vary, but several situations warrant you getting paid for taking time off work.

What is Vacation Time?

Your vacation time is the number of PTO hours or days you can take off from your regular work schedule. Companies usually try to offer paid  and unpaid  vacation time.

What is the Difference Between PTO and Vacation Time?

PTO and vacation time are often used interchangeably but are two different types of time off that your employer can offer.

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