10 Best Ways to Get Free Money

In reality, there are free lunches in life, but you have to look for the hidden gems. And this is not surveys or yard sales disguised as free money.

Every dollar counts and I have witnessed situations when it really did. Here are 10 foolproof ways to get free money.

I have been in this country for fewer years than most, I still managed to find free money I did not know I had.

Find unclaimed money from your state 

During my fellowship training in Pittsburgh, I was able to get the easiest free $400 possible.

Take Advantage Of Bank Sign Up Promotion

If you are comfortable with credit cards, there are lots of them that offer free sign up bonuses.

Take advantage of credit card introductory offer

There are lots of apps online that will pay you money to join.

Get free money by trying out apps

Are you looking for a side hustle? Lyft can be an excellent one to explore if you love driving.

Earn free money by signing up to be a driver for Lyft

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