12 Best Investment Apps You Might Not Know About

Remember when you had to call up your broker or financial advisor to buy a stock or scan the newspaper for the latest quotes?

With today’s best investment apps, all of your finances are just a few taps away.

But the array of options and features can be dizzying.

Set your worries aside, and let us review the best of the best investing apps,

so you can decide which one is the best fit for you.

FinnyBest for personal finance education

Finny makes learning simple and fun through their game-based approach. Lessons are bite-sized and quiz-based.

The Acorns app makes saving and investing easy and automatic, which is a good thing for both beginner and advanced investors.

Acorns: Best for Automatic Saving

If you’ve wanted to start building your personal portfolio, Robinhood is one of the simplest and cheapest platforms out there to do it.

Robinhood: Best for Free Stock Trading

When you first sign up, Betterment will ask for your income and investing goals. From there, it will help you craft a balanced portfolio to achieve your goals.

Betterment: Best Robo-Advisor

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