13 Best Investment Apps to Get Started With Any Budget

With today’s best investment apps, all  of your finances are just a few taps away. But the array of options and  features can be dizzying.

Set your worries aside, and let this guide help you decide which one is the best fit for you.

It’s like a blend of Betterment  (Robo-advisor) and Robinhood (free stock trading apps), with its unique  spin on asset allocation.

 M1 Finance: Best All-in-One App

The app offers access to commercial real estate equity and debt deals through managed funds called eREITs.

Fundrise – Best Real Estate Investing App

The Acorns app makes saving and investing easy and automatic, which is suitable for both beginner and advanced investors.

 Acorns – Best for Automatic Savings

SoFi started in the student loan space and has branched out to offer many other financial planning products.

 SoFi Invest – Best App for New Investors

Finny is an up-and-coming personal finance education web app.

 Finny – Best for Personal Finance Education

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