15 Athletes That Are Millionaires Yet Frugal

It’s understandable to imagine that athletes live lavish lives. Professional football, soccer, hockey, basketball, or baseball players can get paid a lot.

Some talented individuals live that lifestyle, but a smaller percentage go against expectations. A few of these pros are pretty frugal.

Aaron Rodger

It seems he’s happy living a modest lifestyle. He does a lot of his work at home, like taking care of the lawn instead of paying someone.

Daniel Bryan

When Bryan gets a gift, he saves the wrapping paper if he’s able to so that he can reuse it.

Joe Flacco

Many people with that kind of cash would probably start splurging, but that’s not what Flacco is doing. He’s saving a lot of his money.

Rob Gronkowski

The man is so frugal that he rarely spends money on clothes. When he does buy shoes or clothes, he wears them down until they’re rags.

Jordy Nelson

He is working at his family farm, even though he makes this money; that shows his dedication to his family.

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