16 Epic Ways to Make Money Without a Job

Whether you desperately want to quit your job or just want some extra  income, you’ll find something on this list that suits your needs and  interests.

There are some great options to consider, from blogging to taking paid surveys to becoming a day trader.

Alternative assets include real estate notes, business loans, oil wells, art, or anything that earns monthly or quarterly income.

Invest in Alternative Asset

Become a Blogger

If you like the idea of blogging and can stick it out for the long term, it can be an extremely profitable endeavor.

Affiliate marketing is when you sell another person’s product and receive a commission.

Skip Directly to Affiliate Marketing

I’ll admit you can’t make a ton of money doing online surveys, but it  can provide supplemental cash. And it’s entirely on your schedule and pace.

Take Paid Surveys

Not many people know this, but you can use your life insurance as a retirement plan and get tax-free growth while you are working.

Life Insurance

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