24 Road Trip Games Everyone Will Love

Family road trips are fun but if you’re going on a road trip, have some games to keep everyone entertained.

I remember playing games with my sister in the backseat of our car and I wish we had prepared ourselves with this epic list of fun road trip games.

– 1. Spy – 2. 20 Questions – 3. Alphabet – 4. Quiet Time – 5. License Plate Game – 6. I’m Going on an Adventure Memory Game – 7. Would You Rather AND MORE!

Table of Contents

8. Categories

Pick a category and take turns naming things from that category. An example would be: Dogs. Golden retriever, poodle, etc. Keep going until someone can’t name anything else.

Road Trip Games for the Entire Family

11. Scavenger Hunt

Before you go on your trip, make a list of things to find on a piece of paper.  The first person to find all the items wins!

20. First to See

Someone picks something to look out for, and the first person to see it wins a point; anything works!

Prepare for your family vacation or road trip with a list of fun games everyone can play and you’re sure to have a great time!

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