3 Best Online Stock Brokers To Start Investing Today

When it comes to investing,

choosing where to invest is often the first and most crucial choice you make.

Choose correctly, and you’ll be in a spot to pick from a variety of low-cost funds and make trades for free.

Choose poorly, and your investment options will be limited, and your fees will be high.

When investing over a long time horizon, fees can make a huge difference it your overall returns,

and determine whether or not you can reach your recommended retirement savings goals by age.

Below we’ll break down some of the best brokers out there and score them.

This way, you can make a smart personal finance decision and choose the best online broker  for you.

What is an Online Broker?

An online broker is essentially the same thing as a traditional broker, except, you guessed it, you utilize them via the internet.

Here are some of the best online brokers out there for index investing.

The Best Online Brokers for Index Investing

They offer a wide range of low-cost index funds and ETFs, and dropped their trade commission fee.

Charles Schwab SCORE: 26 Fees: 9 Variety: 10 Ease: 7

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