Is Investing in Real Estate Worth It? (6 Lessons from an Actual Investor)

Real estate is a hot asset class these days. Everybody wants to own rental property. But is investing in real estate worth it?

I figured now would be a good time to reflect on both the good and the  bad of real estate investing, and help you decide if real estate is a  good investment for you.

Cash flow is the #1 reason I started investing in rental properties, before I found out about the other benefit.

Cash Flow

The common wisdom espoused by those against real estate investment is  that appreciation rates have only matched or barely beat inflation over  the long term.

Cheap and Relatively Safe Leverage

Want to become a millionaire in 5 years starting from zero? You can do that with real estate.

You Are in Control

Finding below-market deals takes work. Rehabbing houses that have been vacant for 3 years is risky (and a lot of work).

Rental Real Estate Is Not a Passive Investment

Speaking of the non-passive nature of real estate investing, when things go wrong they not only take your time but your money.

Real Estate Requires A Lot of Cash

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