7 Proposed Fixes to Save Social Security That Surprisingly Have Bipartisan Support

Lawmakers have a mere 13 years to fix the Social Security program before it can no longer pay full  benefits, according to the most recent Social Security trustees’ report.

There are several proposed policy changes to address the Social Security funding gap that voters on both  sides of the aisle overwhelmingly support.  

A proposal to raise the payroll tax cap to $400,000 would go a long way to closing the budget gap.

Raising the Payroll Tax Cap

One proposal that received a large  majority of bipartisan support would reduce benefits for the top 20% of  earners and eliminate 11% of the shortfall.

Reducing Benefits for High Earners

With people living and working longer on average, one proposal would seek to raise the retirement age slightly to 68.

Raising the Retirement Age

Increasing the tax rate to 6.5% would eliminate 16% of the estimated shortfall.

Increasing the Payroll Tax Rate

A proposal to raise the minimum  benefit for someone who had worked for 30 years or more to $1,341, which  would increase the shortfall by 7%.

Raising the Minimum Benefit

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