8 Clever Moves When You Have $1,000 in the Bank

You’ve worked hard to make an extra $1,000, and you want to put that money to work earning you even more money.

Here are a few simple moves you can make to keep growing your savings and get on the path toward building wealth.

So you have $1,000 in the bank and you want to turn it into more? One of the best ways to double 1,000 dollars (or triple it, or 10X it) is to start a business.

Start a Side Hustle

Instead of making more money, one way to add to your bank account balance is to cut your spending.

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M1 Finance can help. It is a revolutionary platform that allows you to buy fractional shares of stock in increments as low as $1.

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If you’ve got some extra money in the bank, consider paying off  high-interest debt such as credit cards, student loans, and personal  loans.

Pay Off Your High-Interest Debt

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