How I Made a 344% Return Investing in Multi-Family Apartment

I’ve used many different forms of real estate investing to build wealth for my family, but I’ve never ventured into apartment complexes.

I wanted to let my friend Jeff share his story with you of investing in multi-family apartments, and how he is able to make huge returns.

At the heart of investment real estate is a concept called the capitalization rate, otherwise known as the CAP rate.

How to Create Massive Wealth Investing in Multi-Family Apartment

The CAP rate is the building’s profit (before taxes and building depreciation) divided by the purchase price of the building.

What is the CAP rate?

This is the first number a discerning buyer looks at when evaluating a building. CAP rates vary from city to city.

Why Is the CAP Rate Number So Important? 

Entrepreneurs must understand how to make risk-appropriate decisions  when it comes to both investing and their businesses overall.

Should You Invest in Real Estate as an Entrepreneur?

– My business doing well and producing healthy dividends year after year. – The successful sale of my business to private equity in 2017

Much of that growth was a result of three things:

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