A Look Back at the Successes and Failures of Biden’s Presidency So Far

Joe Biden took office with many issues to tackle. High inflation, high gas prices, and Covid-19 were all passed to him when Trump left office.

2022 had its ups and downs for Biden. He was able to achieve historical legislation wins, but inflation persisted for most of the year. 


Despite Democrat’s slim majority in Congress, Biden was able to push through historical legislation.

He was able to introduce and pass bills designed to improve the country’s infrastructure, was able to help reduce the cost of pharmaceutical products, he also introduced legislation designed to combat climate change, and did his best to help promote gun safety and control.

He was also responsible for nominating and appointing the first African American woman to the Supreme Court.

Biden and the Democrats were unable to remove the filibuster, so many of his campaign promises had to be shelved, broken, or compromised.


Biden was a champion for free community college while on the campaign trail, but once he took office, it became clear that the road to free college would not be as smooth as he anticipated.

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