Amazon FBA Business Secrets: $450K+ Profit in 2 Years – Side Hustle Interview #4

Running an Amazon FBA business has become a very popular side hustle these days.

At it’s core, Amazon FBA is just providing a product that meets a need in the market.

But can you still be successful with an Amazon FBA side hustle today? 

I believe the answer is yes – there will always be a place for innovative or niche products.

FBA stands for “fulfilled by Amazon“, but running an Amazon FBA business has grown to mean more than that.

What is Amazon FBA?

That’s what makes it such an attractive side hustle, because a lot of the low-level work is taken care of.

Amazon is one of biggest shopping portals in the world, and they offer services to entrepreneurs.

Before we get to our interview with a real live person, I wanted to outline the basic steps necessary to get going.

Amazon FBA Success Step by Step

Finding the right product to sell is the #1 most important part of the process.

1. Identify a Product

2. Source Your Product

depending on what you sell you can find wholesale pricing and factories in China or other countries to help you design and build your product.

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