Best Ways to Invest in 2021

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that investing is reserved for the already rich.

So don’t ask yourself whether you should get involved — try to figure out the best ways to  use your money.

Anyone with a healthy savings account and enough income to set aside a few dollars each month can afford to invest.

I’ll break things down into five questions you should be asking yourself:

1. What are your financial goals?

2. What’s your investment timeframe?

3. How much risk are you prepared to take on?

4. Do you want to select your investments yourself?

5. What type of account is right for you?

When you buy a stock, you essentially become a shareholder of that business.


Best for: Longer timeframes and higher risks for higher returns.

Funds let you invest in a mix of different company stocks, therefore offering increased diversification.

Mutual Funds

Best for: Longer timeframes and lower risk.

Bonds are essentially loans, with the borrowers usually being the government or large companies.


Best for: Shorter timeframes and lower risk.

Properties have inherent value — people will always need somewhere to live — so their prices will generally increase over time.

Real estate

Best for: Portfolio diversification and stable returns.

This certainly isn’t an option for the faint-hearted — it’s no secret that the crypto market is somewhat wild.

Crypto- currencies

Best for: High risk and high returns.