Budgeting Money 101

(You Know You Need To)

There’s something we can all agree on here. It’s that budgeting exists for one simple reason—because it works.

Budgeting. The nine-letter word in personal finance either excites you or conjures up images of torture.

But exactly How to Budget Money so you can reach your financial goals and  enjoy life?

This is the Way.

How to Budget Money: Common Roadblocks

A good amount of us doesn’t practice what we preach ourselves. This is usually either the result of one of two things:

1) A lack of commitment to being consistent with budgeting; or 2) Not fully understanding how to budget money or where to start.

If you’re here for either of those, you’re in good hands.

How to Budget Money Part I: What is a Budget and Why Should You Have it?

Budgeting is a financial exercise highlighting your earning, spending, and saving habits.

It provides you with an overview of exactly how much money you’re making, how much money you’re spending, and how much money you’re saving.

While budgeting is commonly done monthly, it can be weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly, annually, you name it.

Do I seriously need a budget, and why?

In short… Yes. The best part of any and every good budget; you gain an incredible amount of insight into your finances almost immediately.

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