“A Slap in the Face” – 7 Worst Celebrity Tippers, According to Service Staff


Most celebrities are known to be generous with their wealth, often passing it along to service staff whenever they dine out. But, unfortunately, many celebs tip like they are down to their last dollar!

1. 50 Cent

Despite being one of history’s most successful hip-hop artists, it seems like 50 Cent still penny-pinches. “He didn’t leave enough cash and tried to walk out on me,” one server remembers.

But, unfortunately, back in his heyday, he routinely left below-average tips to service staff, a tradition that still occurs in 2023. Once a lousy tipper, always a lousy tipper.

2. Kid Rock

3. LeBron James

I’m surprised to see LeBron James on this list, but I get it after hearing what Ohio servers say about him. “Cleveland steakhouse server here,” reports one server.

As a result, many servers hate when she has reservations at their restaurants because they know they will be running around the entire evening trying to appease her

4. Margot Robbie

Not only is this legendary singer a terrible tipper, but he also likes to tease service staff. “John Cougar Mellencamp tips awful and will make fun of your name the entire time,” says one bartender.

5. John Mellencamp

Two of the greatest professional basketball players of all time are terrible tippers. Michael Jordan joins LeBron James as two people who routinely stiff service staff.

6. Michael Jordan

Everything you need to know about Scottie Pippen can be summed up by his off-the-court nickname given to him by countless servers and bartenders: “No Tippin’ Pippen.”

7. Scottie Pippen

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