Groundfloor vs. Fundrise: Real Estate Crowdfunding Review

In case you haven’t heard, crowdfunded real estate is here to stay. And  there are so many options out there it can be hard to narrow down your  choices.

There are two platforms I really like and have personally invested in, so I wanted to bring you the inside scoop on Groundfloor vs. Fundrise.

Groundfloor allows you to invest in debt backed by real estate, and usually has a short time horizon of 1 year or less.

Groundfloor vs. Fundrise

Fundrise lets you invest in a diversified portfolio of real estate – both debt and equity.

Groundfloor vs. Fundrise

Crowdfunding allows multiple investors to invest in the same loan or  entity, and participate in the profits depending on how much money they  contribute.

What Is Crowdfunded Real Estate?

Groundfloor offers crowdfunded investments in loans made on individual properties.

How Does Groundfloor Work?

Groundfloor and Fundrise are both great platforms for investing passively in crowdfunded real estate.

Groundfloor vs. Fundrise – Who Wins?

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