Here is Everything You Need to Know About Peer to Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer lending is slowly changing the financial landscape, 

giving alternatives to both borrowers and investors.

Despite setbacks over the years, grey areas in regulation, and other challenges,

today’s industry boasts numerous peer-to-peer lending platforms catering to all sectors of the economy.

Today, we’ll be looking at some of these platforms and what makes them stand out.

But first, let’s look at the peer-to-peer lending market.

What is peer-to-peer lending?

Peer-to-peer lending is a form of borrowing where instead of a bank, borrowers connect directly with individual lenders through platforms.

How does peer to peer lending work?

For borrowers, peer-to-peer lending eliminates the hassle of getting a loan.

Indeed, most peer-to-peer loans are handled online and automatically, further reducing disbursement times.

They process loans faster because they use cutting-edge technology to evaluate loan risks.

1) Prosper  Prosper has facilitated more than $12B in loans to more than a million people.

Top peer-to-peer lending sites

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