How to Make Money Playing Video Games on Twitch

Today I got the chance to interview my friend and fellow blogger, Melanie Allen from Partners in Fire.

She has a very interesting side hustle in that she gets paid to play video games. If that’s not a dream job, I don’t know  what is!

In this interview, Melanie talks about how to make money playing video games on Twitch.

Tell us about your side hustle and how you got started.

"My side hustle is making money by streaming on Twitch.  I enjoy video games, and I enjoy watching folks on Twitch, so I thought it would  be fun."

"I have a day job, in addition to a few other side hustles. It’s been incredibly difficult to juggle all of them.

Do you live stream on Twitch full time or do you have a day job?

I set a streaming schedule for myself, and tried very hard to stick to that schedule. I limited my streaming time to twice a week, and only for a few hours each time."

How and when did you get started getting paid to play video games on Twitch?

"I first tried streaming a few years ago, but never gave it much attention. I started taking it seriously in July of 2020, and became a Twitch affiliate in less than  a month.

I started taking it seriously because I was stuck inside during the pandemic, so I figured why not?

I thought it would be a fun way to make some money and get some much needed social interaction."

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