How to Teach Kids About Money (At Every Age)

Teaching your kids about money is one of the most important (and most  overlooked) things you can do as a parent to prepare them for adulthood.

It can be an overwhelming topic, and I’m never sure if I’m doing the  right things. Hopefully these tips will get you going in the right  direction no matter your child’s age.

One of the best ways to instill good money management habits in your kids is to have your own personal finances in order.

Your Kids Pay Attention to How You Handle Money

Teach Your Kids the Power of Saving and Delayed Gratification

Even young kids can learn the concept of saving money for something they want.

You need to start with cash, counting out bills and coins to show the relative price of various goods.

Teach Your Kids Age-Appropriate Lessons About Money Management

Not everything can be taught in a classroom setting. Sometimes you have  to let your kids get their hands dirty and learn on their own.

Let Them Earn Money, Make Decisions, and Make Mistake

You need to practice good financial habits so that your kids automatically start learning them unconsciously from a young age.

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