7 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World, According to OSHA


Each year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) monitors all work accidents, determining the safety and hazards for each occupation. According to last year’s study, here are the ten most dangerous jobs in the world.

Car accidents are common in the world, especially in America, and truck drivers are not safe from reckless drivers. Plus, large trucks may need help navigating spotty driving conditions, leading to danger.

Truck Drivers

Loggers operate heavy machinery, but just because they control it on a daily doesn’t mean everyone receives the same training. With a lack of supervision and adequate training, accidents happen, whether the mistake is on behalf of the machine or the worker.

Logging Workers

Workers who replace roofs and fix issues on top of houses generally run into trouble when they fall off the roof or the ladder they use to climb to the roof. Without proper safety precautions, roofers run a high-risk job.


While driving down the highway, do you ever notice individuals in bright yellow jackets approaching the road a little too closely? Construction workers face unsafe conditions through mechanical accidents, improper training, lack of supervision, explosions, fires, and electrocution.

Construction Workers

When working on a farm, you come in contact with dense machinery. Many farming accidents occur from exposure to toxic chemicals, misuse of farming equipment, or getting crushed by tractors or plows.


Underground miners develop underground tunnels through explosives before approaching the underground mining areas. If things go awry, miners face harm from miswired equipment, lack of training, and lack of supervision.

Underground Miners

In college, I worked as a recycling collector. I never experienced any injury, but my friend suffered at least three significant injuries during her collegiate career. That was on a collegiate level; on a professional level, these workers experience slips, falls, crashes, and face oncoming traffic to collect waste.

Waste Collection

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