10 Surprisingly High-Paying Jobs We Never Guessed Paid So Much

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Are you searching for surprisingly good ways to make money that not many people know about to switch up from your day-to-day? Several money-making opportunities aren’t your typical job.

After someone asked the internet what these careers looked like, these are the top-voted recommendations.

One person volunteered that they make great money as a window installer. It’s a physically demanding, “hot and dirty” job but lucrative. Furthermore, they confessed to working one to three days a week and “living very comfortably.”

Window Replacement Service

Trade jobs, including mason, carpenter, mechanic, technician, plumber, and electrician, are where good money is, according to many in the thread. One reminded people how much you cringe when you hear how much the plumber will cost.

Blue Collar Jobs

Golf Course and Driving Range Staff

Sometimes you can make good money on golf courses or driving ranges picking up and returning golf balls. One man explained that there is an aquatic driving range at the golf course he plays at, and they pay staff or volunteers $30 per barrel of golf balls picked up.

Many users confirmed that selling plasma is an excellent way to make money if you meet the criteria. One elaborated there are often bonuses for your first month, referring friends, and other “wacky things like holidays or coming in dressed like a pirate.”

Selling Plasma

An actuary measures and manages risk and uncertainty and makes great money. The name of the corresponding field is Actuarial Science. One explained, “These risks can affect both sides of the balance sheet and require asset management, liability management, and valuation skills.”


People suggested that learning how to code is the best way to earn money if you’re good at math. According to one, entry-level coding jobs get you well into the six-figure range.

Computer Coder

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