Make Money Reselling Your Old Clothes

Whether through your favorite side hustle, a part-time job, passive income via investments or any other means.

On the next slides, we'll discuss a Poshmark review, I’ll show you how I use Poshmark to buy and sell used brand named items online.

After posting some brand name items like purses and shoes on eBay I came  across Poshmark, an app that was designed for those specific items.

What is Poshmark?

After downloading Poshmark on your phone: – Add a profile picture – Add a header image – Fill in your basic information

How to Use Poshmark

I love how easy it is to start listing your items. It is also free to list your items until the item sells.

Easy to List Items

The buyer pays the cost of shipping. Once your item sells, Poshmark emails you your shipping label.

Easy Shipping

The most annoying part of Poshmark was the constant engagement that potential buyers demanded at times.

Dealing with Nit-Picky Buyers

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