Morning Brew –  A Newsletter Made for Millennials  [2022 Review]

I discovered Morning Brew a few months ago, and it’s an email I actually look forward to getting in my inbox each morning.

Enter Morning Brew – the reinvention of the newspaper for the Millennial generation.

Can You Really “Get Smarter in  5 Minutes”?

What Morning Brew excels at is cutting through the clutter, and delivering concise, witty commentary on the latest in business and financial news. 

Climb the Career Ladder in 5 Minutes  A Day

Morning Brew can help keep you on top of the latest happenings without spending an hour a day skimming through dry articles from other news sources.

Grow Your Personal Finances in 5 Minutes a Day

In addition to your boosting your career, The Morning Brew tackles topics that will make you a better investor.  

Does Morning Brew Have a Liberal or Conservative Bias?

Even while managing to poke fun of the seriousness of the world around us, the Morning Brew writers stays balanced in their reporting of events.

Who Owns Morning Brew?

Morning Brew was founded by two college students – Alex Lieberman and Austin Reif – frustrated with the lack of engaging business and finance content for the younger generation.

Should You Subscribe to Morning Brew?

Morning Brew is targeted at young professionals who want to keep up with the latest business news and world happenings. If that’s you, you should definitely give it a try.

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