Morning Brew – A Newsletter Made for Millennials [2022 Review]

Morning Brew is a daily newsletter that keeps me up to date on the latest happenings in the stock market, politics, and business in general. 

If you’re a busy professional, you owe it to yourself to try  it out and stay on top of what’s happening in the world (in only 5  minutes a day).

Enter Morning Brew – the reinvention of the newspaper for the Millennial generation.

What Is Morning Brew?

If you are particularly interested in a topic there are links galore to  in-depth research and other articles from reliable sources.

What Is Morning Brew?

Morning Brew’s tagline – Get Smarter in 5 Minutes – sums up the goal of the daily newsletter. But does it deliver on its promise?

Can You Really “Get Smarter in 5 Minutes”?

In my opinion, yes. What Morning Brew excels at is cutting through the clutter, and  delivering concise, witty commentary on the latest in business and  financial news.

Other news sources (names concealed to protect the guilty) tend to  provide a myopic focus on one area or an overly broad view of too many  topics.

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