6 Personal Finance Metrics You Can’t Afford Not to Track

Everyone wants to achieve financial success, but how do you know which personal finance metrics to track?

If you want to be more purposeful in achieving financial success, these are the financial metrics you need to pay attention to.

If you have a “normal” job, you get a steady paycheck and this is pretty  easy to calculate. If you’re an entrepreneur, contractor, or consultant  this might be a little harder to figure out.


If you’re living paycheck and  paycheck and don’t know why, I can guarantee you aren’t doing a very  good job of tracking your expenses.


If you’re already tracking your income and expenses, your savings rate is easy to measure.

Savings Rate

If there was only one personal finance metric I could track, I would choose net worth above all others.

Net Worth

Passive income is just money coming in the door that you don’t have  to work for. Usually, passive income is the result of your money working  for you.

Passive Income

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