Pfizer Stock: Everything You Need to Know

New York-based Pfizer continues to grab headlines on the monumental development of its successful Covid vaccine, now called Comirnaty, with BioNTech.

Among the largest biopharmaceutical companies,

The Pfizer shares had a strong performance, rising 60.42% in 2021 on the approval and contribution of the Covid vaccines.

The stock is down 8.36% year-to-date.

Before purchasing their shares, you should understand the company, its fundamentals,

and what investors consider when looking at the stock.

An Overview of The Company And Its Fundamentals

Pfizer started as a manufacturer of fine chemicals by German cousins Charles Pfizer and Charles Earhart in 1849 in Brooklyn.  They discovered citric acid.

They specialize in vaccines, cancer, heart, and diabetes pharmaceuticals for their robust portfolio.

It generates solid revenue and earnings growth through its strong drug pipeline, research, and innovation.

Market Capitalization

Pfizer (PFE) is considered a large-cap stock with  a market capitalization of over $300 billion and is included in the S&P 500 index and the S&P Healthcare sector.

You can calculate the market capitalization by multiplying its stock price by the number of shares outstanding.

The average volume measures how many PFE shares trade on average and reflects the  stock’s liquidity.

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