Quadplex: Real Estate Investing’s Best Kept Secret?

If I was starting all over in my real estate investing journey, I would pay much more attention to the humble quadplex.

Whether you’re looking for your first house hack, or are a seasoned real estate pro, investing in a quadplex could best thing to happen to your real estate portfolio!

A quadplex is a single building that is divided into four separate dwelling units.

What is a Quadplex?

Quadplexes are one of the hidden loopholes of real estate investing. Any residential 1-4 unit building qualifies for conventional financing.

Financing is Easy and Cheap

There are some unique rules surrounding 1-4 unit residential mortgages.  In most cases, you are limited to a total of 10 of these loans  (sometimes as low as 4).

Build Your Portfolio Faster

If you are smart about your purchase, you can live for free or almost free while your tenants make your mortgage payment every month!

Let the Tenants Pay Your Mortgage

While this isn’t the main reason to  buy a quadplex, I do find that multi-unit properties are a little  easier and cheaper to manage.

Easier and Cheaper to Manage

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