Stop Living Poor: 6 Ways Almost Anyone Can Supercharge Their Saving


In 2023, saving money, however possible, is at the forefront for millions of people daily. Thankfully, there are proven strategies that will undoubtedly lead to a larger bank account — and they’re more straightforward than you think to implement into your daily life.

Recently, sensible spenders met in an online discussion to reveal how the average person can supercharge their savings.

Why would anyone buy brand-new items when refurbished and secondhand items are far more logical? “Buy secondhand before you buy brand new,” reveals one savvy consumer.

Shop at Secondhand Stores

Make It a Competition

If you’re a particularly competitive person by nature, it might be best to make saving money a game or competition.

Although this may not be advice prospective parents want to hear, the reality is that having kids puts a severe damper on your financial prospects.

Put Off Having Kids

Dining out at restaurants is one of the least-responsible ways to spend money — and everyone knows it.

Dine Out Less

For many people, discovering the discipline to save money requires a complete shift in your perspective.

Adjust Your Mindset

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