7 Best Cash Back Apps for 2022 [How I Make $500 Per Year]

Finding that free money was an exhilarating feeling! I was young enough at the time that $21 was an enormous amount of money.

Apps that pay you money back just for clicking a few buttons? This was as close to free money as finding cash lying in the street!

WHY YOU NEED EBATES: Get cash back for almost all your online shopping.

Best Overall Cash Back App

WHY YOU NEED FETCH: Quit clipping coupons and rack up savings at the grocery store.

Best App for Cash Back on Groceries

WHY YOU NEED DOSH: Best app for cash back at local stores and restaurants.

Best Local Shopping App

WHY YOU NEED DROP: Get rewards for your everyday shopping, plus special offers for bonus cash back.

Best Featured Offer Cash Back App

WHY YOU NEED TRIM: Automatically cut your monthly bills and pocket the savings.

Best App to Automatically Reduce Monthly Bill

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