7 Proven Steps to Get Your Life Together

With no disrespect to Buzzfeed and their 27 simple ways to get your life together, memes are not going to pay the bills.

Sometime after Adulting 101, we learn that life’s hard, so you better work on your options. Read on to learn more about how you can get your life together (financially).

A budget, even if it’s just a crude listing of all your expenses and income on a piece of scrap paper, is essential to get your finances in order.


Trim the Budget

Once you have a sense of where your money is going, its time to look for ways to save money.

While the goal should be to freedom from debt and only use cash until you can eliminate debt, you need to be wise about debt.

Refinance for Better Rates

We all know we need an emergency fund; the problem is most people’s  emergency funds are woefully inadequate, barely BB gun proof.

Become Bazooka Proof

Getting organized and becoming financially free isn’t about giving up  what you enjoy or delaying satisfaction. It’s about being as efficient  as possible with your money and avoiding wasting money.

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