As Gas Prices Skyrocket, Experts Weigh In on 7 Ways to Save Money at the Pump

In the first quarter of 2022, gas prices were elevated due to supply  constraints and increased consumption as the U.S. economy continued to  gain traction.

With rising prices comes the opportunity to save big on fuel costs. We  spoke to experts on the seven best ways to save money at the pump.

Driving responsibly may not sound like the most exciting way to save money on gas, but it has been proven effective.

Drive Responsibly

Comparing fuel prices can result in considerable savings, and several apps can make this process easier.

Price Shop Where You Get Your Gas

Routine car maintenance is another area to look if you want to increase fuel efficiency and save money.

Keep Your Vehicle Well Maintained

Look up and compare gas rebate cards to find one that works best for your spending habits.

Take Advantage of Cash Back Offer

Monday gets a bad rap as the dreaded first day back to work after the  weekend, but it can redeem itself by putting money back in commuters’  pockets.

Schedule Fill-Ups Early in the Week

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