Travel  Rewards 101

Learn How to Travel for (Almost) Free!

Saving some money on your next vacation is likely even more top of mind than usual.

With travel rewards, you can get free airfare, hotels, etc. So you can get your next vacation on the house!

As briefly mentioned, travel rewards allow you to travel at a discount or for free.

What are Travel Rewards?

More specifically, it involves taking advantage of programs such as:

Airline miles  programs

Hotel rewards programs

And more

Sticking with one airline when possible is the best way to accumulate miles fast.

Step 1:  Sign Up For Airline Rewards Programs

Similar to airline miles, hotel points are best when accumulated with one hotel brand.

Step 2:  Sign Up For Hotel Rewards Programs

The most important step to travel rewards is researching credit cards.

Step 3: Research Credit Cards

Before doing so, check your credit score to ensure your score is high enough.

Step 4:  Get Your First Credit Card