Unwrapping The Secret Behind Hallmark’s Christmas Movie Empire

Hallmark announced a staggering 40 new Christmas movies this year,  adding to its library of almost 300 Yuletide films produced over the  last decade.

What goes into making dozens of new Christmas movies every year, and how did it lead to such financial success? Keep on reading to learn more.

The catalog of rules for what receives the official Christmas seal of approval is longer than Santa’s naughty and nice list.

Stick to the Script: The Rules of Hallmark Christmas Movie

Each Hallmark Christmas movie follows the same rigid nine-act structure.

From Hate to Love in Nine Heart-Warming Act

"My favorite thing about Hallmark movies is they are so easy to watch and predictable in the best way."

Happily Ever After

Make no mistake, Christmas movies are big business, and Hallmark has unlocked the secret to making money.

Merry Christmas and a Profitable New Year

If you want to curl up next to the fireplace and get your fix of festive  holiday cheer, this season’s lineup of Christmas movies has already  begun.

Where to Watch 2022’s Hallmark Lineup

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