“Buyer Beware” – 7 Things You Should Never Buy at Walmart


The big box store Wal-Mart has lots of consumer goods at low prices. But, only some things are good deals at the consumer giant. Beware of these items, and your wallet will thank you.

To minimize costs of that next flatscreen, Walmart is a great option. However, the retail giant lacks options on higher-end TVs, which will most likely stand the test of time.

High-End TV’s

If you need a piece to last or endure kids or pets, look elsewhere. While Walmart’s prices are appealing, especially for wooden furniture items, durability will cost more.



Surprisingly, batteries could be cheaper at Amazon or even big warehouse stores. Price compare before throwing some AA’s into your cart.


Poultry freshness is a recurring issue for Walmart. Although the selection and price are good, quality matters.

Having a suitcase break mid-trip would be considered a travel failure. Sadly, Walmart’s luggage is not the sturdiest.


Prices are certainly appealing at the retail store. However, the quality leaves much to be desired.


Smart Talk Wireless, Walmart’s pre-paid phone option is affordable. However, it also typically ranks as one of the worst plans available.

Pre-Paid  Phone Plan 

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