How It Can Change Your Life for the Better

What is a Paradigm?

Have you ever heard of the word Paradigm?

It’s not something you can see or that exists but something created or put in place to help us with what we see and interpret in our lives.

Where did the Term Paradigm Come From?

A physicist and philosopher of science named Thomas Kuhn came up with the term paradigm.

The knowledge and idea behind a paradigm can significantly affect our mindset and how we see the world.

A paradigm shift can change the world you’re in today.

What is the Definition of a Paradigm?

The definition of Paradigm is “a model of something or an obvious and typical example of something.”

A new way of doing something can be interpreted as a new paradigm or a paradigm shift.

New Paradigms come up quite often in business and studying.

The history of science has changed and will continue to change with discoveries and paradigm shifts happening again and again.

Paradigm and Science

A Paradigm Shift

A paradigm is a shift that happens when the standard method of thinking or doing something is replaced by something new and is adapted by several people.

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