Why Should We Tithe: The Compound Giving Effect

In the personal finance realm, a lot of digital ink is spilled on ways to save money and build wealth. But one topic that doesn’t get addressed very often is giving.

What Is a Tithe

A tithe is a portion of your income set aside to give to those in need and causes outside of yourself.

Why Should We Tithe

There are many reasons to give, but here are some that impact me personally and motivate me to tithe:

If you need cold, hard, scientific evidence to convince you, numerous studies show that generosity really does increase happiness.

We Should Tithe Because We Want To Do It

While there’s nothing wrong with spending on personal wants, needs and saving for the future,

We Should Tithe So That Money Doesn’t Control Us

if that sums up the entirety of your spending, you might be controlled by your money instead of the other way around.

We Should Tithe So That Money Doesn’t Control Us

If you step back and think about how blessed you truly are, it frees you up to see how you can help others in need.

We Should Tithe Because Others are in Need

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