Will Credit Repair Companies Actually Boost my Score?

If you’ve ever listened to terrestrial radio or watched late-night television, chances are you heard or seen an ad for credit repair companies.  

Understand there’s no quick fix for creditworthiness. Let’ dig into your rights, steps, and the best credit repair companies out there. 

Our Fascination with Credit Score

Our credit score is another one of those number indicators, but unlike social media, your credit score can have real-life consequences for you and your money.

Subprime Credit

Subprime encompasses very poor and fair credit. Prime covers good and very good. And superprime is used to include the top tier of exceptional.

Your Right

As a consumer, you have rights when it comes to your credit history and credit score.  

Credit Repair Companies

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has a list of approved credit repair companies at their web site. You can also check with your financial institute.  

DIY Credit Repair Steps

Some people hire a credit repair company to investigate their credit report for them, but anything a credit repair company can do legally, you can do for yourself at little or no cost.

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