Worthy Bonds Review: Earn 5% Interest on Your Money

In our Worthy Bonds review, we’ll introduce you to a unique type of bond investment open to all investors. If a 5% interest is attractive to you, you’ll want to learn about Worthy Bonds. 

First, I wanted to provide an overview of bond investing. Luckily, this will be quick, because bonds have a pretty straightforward definition.

A Bond Is a Loan

When you invest in a bond, you loan money to a government or business, and in return, you receive an interest payment. 

Worthy Overview

Worthy Bonds are SEC qualified bonds made up of loans to asset-backed small businesses. A lot of jargon there, but they are primarily loans made to entrepreneurs.

How it Works: Worthy Bond

A business borrows money from Worthy using the funds that you invest. In return, you get a direct piece of the interest that the company pays you on the money you’ve loaned them, which is 5%.

Who Can Invest?

Worthy Bonds are open to both accredited and  non-accredited investors. However, there are some limitations to non-accredited investors.

Worthy Bonds Risk

Worthy Bonds invests in asset-backed companies, which partly de-risks the loans.

Pros of Worthy

It allows new and everyday investors to start today, instead of having to save up money just to be able to begin investing it.  

Cons of Worthy

Worthy Bonds are not FDIC insured like a bank account, which makes them much riskier than a high yield savings account.

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