Are You Sure You Want that Big Promotion?

I think in our culture we are all conditioned to climb  the corporate ladder at all costs. But is that really the right decision  for you?

There’s no right or wrong answer, but you owe it to yourself to think through your options. Here are some signs to watch out for and consider, before crossing that senior-level threshold.

Operating at a senior level requires a high degree of patience and the ability to put up with other people’s bullshit daily.

Your B.S. Tolerance is Low

You Refuse to Play Politics

If you believe you can operate without playing politics, I can confirm  it’s possible. But only if you’ve reached financial independence.

One of the critical responsibilities of individuals in these roles is the ability to make hard choices.

You Hate Making Tough Decisions

For most people working in a senior-level role, their time is no longer  theirs to control. The boundary of work time and family time become  blurred.

You Value Your Time

In the end, you will need to balance the desire for financial independence and the sacrifices it may take to reach those goals.

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