People Absolutely Refuse to Do – Even For a $100k Salary

Hard Jobs

Despite hefty salaries, these jobs require tolerating mess, chaos, and danger. Want to earn more money? If you can handle the tradeoffs, these jobs might be for you. 

The people who drive the boats for the crab fisherman can pocket $200,000 a year. Rough waters, frigid temperatures, and howling winds can make for a tense work environment, but you could benefit if you are willing to brave the elements.

Crab Boat Captain

These drivers move goods across the country, ensuring consumers and producers alike get what they need. However, long hours and substantial time away from family can take a toll. Earning six figures might be worth the tradeoffs. 

Truck Driver

Garbage Collector

Garbage collectors can earn a sizable income to keep our streets and neighborhoods tidy. Bonus, little ones wave to you as you work!

Heights and tight spaces are part of this job. If claustrophobia is not your issue, fixing and repairing the boxes we ride up and down could pay handsomely.

Elevator Repair

Plumbing is a modern marvel, but when it doesn’t work as it should, plumbers certainly earn their high salaries. With the potential to earn $200,000 this job repairs, replaces, and installs the system that keeps toilets and showers working as they should.


Workplace injuries and long periods away from family and friends are serious considerations, but saving money could be easier, too, with those long periods away from civilization.

Oil Rig Worker

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