The Future Is Bleak For These 16 Professions

As the economy continues to soar following the COVID pandemic, surging inflation and mounting costs are becoming the new normal across every employment sector.

The following jobs may still be recruiting, but many of these traditional professions may disappear sooner than people think.  

Financial Analyst

Artificial intelligence will eventually guide businesses to make major financial decisions without the need for people to spend countless hours modeling data in excel spreadsheets.

Administrative and Executive Secretaries

Why is this job diminishing so quickly? Technology has played a large part because it has allowed the bosses to take on more work themselves.

Insurance Underwriters and Claims Representatives 

Underwriters at insurance companies help evaluate risk and how much the potential is for a loss or profit.


Dispatchers work in different industries like emergency services, pest control, plumbing, and HVAC. 


With basic accounting software readily available, people can easily manage their businesses without hiring a bookkeeper to keep track of their finances.

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