6 Quarters That Are Worth Serious Money – $10,000 or More

Serious Money

Coin collecting is a fun hobby that can be lucrative if you know what you’re looking for. Quarters minted in the United States can have a value far exceeding 25 cents, depending on their age, features, history, errors, condition, and scarcity.

The mint state of a coin – whether it was circulated or uncirculated, also factors into its value. Check out these highly sought-after coins to see if your quarters are valuable.

Potential Value: $100 – $143,750  These quarters are hard to come by, as the Denver Mint only produced a small quantity.

1932-D Washington Quarter

Potential Value: $344 – $21,150  The 1937 Washington quarter, minted in Philadelphia, sells from as low as $344 to $21,150, depending on the coin’s condition.

1937 Washington Quarter

1950-S Washington Quarter

Potential Value: $81 – $16,450 The circulated version of the 1950-S Washington quarter has a resale value of $81, while the uncirculated variety is worth at least $16,450.

Potential Value: $6 – $18,400 The Denver Mint manufactured many of these quarters, so the ones still in circulation are only worth face value.

1962-D Washington Quarter

Potential Value: $142 – $17,400 Regarding minting mistakes on coins, some errors are rarer than others, and this rarity substantially drives up its value.

1943 Washington Quarter

Potential Value: $40 – $275 The 2005 Minnesota quarter is one of the 50 state quarters minted that year. Its selling price range of $40 to $275 far exceeds its face value due to a double-die error.

2005 Minnesota Quarter

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