11 Quarters That Are Worth Serious Money – $10,000 or More

quarters that are worth money
Coin collecting is a fun hobby that can be lucrative if you know what you’re looking for. Quarters minted in the United States can have a value far exceeding 25 cents, depending on their age, features, history, errors, condition, and scarcity. The mint state of a coin – whether it was circulated or uncirculated, also factors into its value.
Check out these highly sought-after coins to see if your quarters are valuable.

2004 Wisconsin State Quarter

quarters that are worth money
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What makes some quarters worth a lot of money and others worth only the face value of 25 cents? Usually it comes down to some unique feature or mistake during the minting process that is relatively rare.

Most people think only really old money is worth money, but in the case of the 2004 Wisconsin State quarter, it can be worth more than $2,000 even though it’s less than 20 years old. You may even have one of these quarters in your pocket and not even realize it!

How to Identify if Your Quarter Has a Lucrative ‘Flaw’

The distinguishing feature that makes the 2004 Wisconsin quarter unique is the stalk of corn on the back.

On the normal quarter, there is just one leaf extending from the left side of the corn’s husk. However, two other versions were made with a flaw:

  • The “down leaf” version, which contains an extra leaf extending downward.
  • The “up leaf” version, where it appears there is another leaf sitting next to the ‘regular’ leaf pattern.

If you have either of these versions, hold on to it. An “up leaf” coin in excellent condition has sold for as much as $2,530.

The video below by CoinHELPu provides more detail in identifying this particular anomaly.


U.S. Quarters Worth Up to $140,000

There are many other quarters that can be worth a fortune in mint condition, and even several hundred dollars after they have been circulated.

1. 1932-D Washington Quarter

Potential Value: $100 – $143,750

These quarters are hard to come by, as the Denver Mint only produced a small quantity. 1932-D Washington quarters increase in value based on their condition and whether or not they have any minting errors. The resale value for this coin ranges from $100 to as much as $143,750.

2. 1937 Washington Quarter

Potential Value: $344 – $21,150

Coins with errors are popular among collectors and can hold a high value. The 1937 Washington quarter, minted in Philadelphia, sells from as low as $344 to $21,150, depending on the coin’s condition. What makes this specific quarter so valuable is the face of the coin contains double minting errors on the date and the words “In God We Trust.”

3. 1950-S Washington Quarter

1950 Quarter worth money
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Potential Value: $81 – $16,450

The circulated version of the 1950-S Washington quarter has a resale value of $81, while the uncirculated variety is worth at least $16,450. The features making this quarter so valuable are the overlapping letters D and S on the reverse side of the coin, underneath the wreath the eagle is resting on.

4. 1962-D Washington Quarter

Potential Value: $6 – $18,400

The Denver Mint manufactured many of these quarters, so the ones still in circulation are only worth face value. However, any 1962-D Washington quarters in mint shape or uncirculated are valued from $6.35 to $18,400.

5. 1943 Washington Quarter

Potential Value: $142 – $17,400

Regarding minting mistakes on coins, some errors are rarer than others, and this rarity substantially drives up its value. The 1943 Washington quarter is an example of such a coin. The Philadelphia Mint made a small quantity of this quarter with double-die errors on both currencies.
On the face side of the quarter, the words “Liberty” and “In God, We Trust” were imprinted two times. On the reverse side of the quarter, the year was engraved twice. 1943 Washington quarters are worth anywhere from $142 to $17,400.

6. 2005 Minnesota Quarter

Minnesota quarter worth money
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Potential Value: $40 – $275

The 2005 Minnesota quarter is one of the 50 state quarters minted that year. Its selling price range of $40 to $275 far exceeds its face value due to a double-die error. The face of the coin has an image of an extra spruce tree.

7. 1963-D Washington Quarter

Potential Value: $6 – $16,100

One of the rarest and hardest coins to find is the 1963-D Washington quarter made by the Denver Mint. Depending on its condition, it has a resale value starting at $6.26 and going as high as $16,100 for uncirculated quarters.

8. 1984-P Washington Quarter

Potential Value: $11 – $1,300

Manufactured in Philadelphia, this rare 1984-P Washington quarter has several minting flaws, including quarters with off-center images and double imprints. Some of the quarters were slightly larger than usual. 1984-P Washington quarters in circulation are worth at least $11, while those in the best condition are worth $1300.

9. 1950-D Washington Quarter

Potential Value: $68 – $29,375

The 1950-D Washington quarter also has an increased value because of an overlapping D and S die mark error. Uncirculated copies are worth $29,375, and circulated quarters sell for approximately $68.

10. 1999-S Delaware State Quarter Proof

Potential Value: Up to $788

This quarter is sought as the first state coin generated from the San Francisco mint. The 1999-S Delaware State quarter proof is valuable because of its silver coloring; only a few are in circulation. The quarters in the best condition are valued at $788.

11. 2000-P New Hampshire State Quarter

Potential Value: Up to $216

The distinctive minting errors in this quarter make it a target acquisition for coin collectors, with a valuation of $216. The mistakes found on this coin from the Philadelphia Mint include a missing nickel layer, double die imprints on the reverse side, and a larger size than standard quarters.
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